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Persib Bandung Terkini


Indonesian Soccer League

The Indonesian Premier League is the highest level of football competition in Indonesia. The league that consists of the team is fully sponsored since it was started. The sponsorship has contributed a lot to its growth since most of the players get their payment in time and also helps in the provision of adequate facilities used in the league. The league was founded in 2011 and started with a total of sixteen teams.The league is mostly supported by the residents of Indonesia and have gradually grown to be famous among the citizens of Indonesia. The quality of games played have also been on the rise with most teams being able to sign players from outside Indonesia who bring a variety of skills and in turn improve the quality of football played by the locals.

The league is also quite competitive which has also been a contributing factor to its popularity in Indonesia. The MNC media broadcast the games of the Indonesian Premier league. This makes it cheaper and easier for the fans to watch the matches in the country without having to travel to the stadium. The league has award schemes for players who perform best in the league ranging from the best team lifting the trophy to best individual players in their areas maybe, defenders, strikers or midfielders. The engagement of the players to the clubs is on contracts, and one can transfer to another club based on his interests and the level of payment in his preferred team.

The Persib Bandung Terkini can be said to be one among the best leagues in Asia with a massive support from fans in the region. It also a non-racist league as it also allows players from other continents to participate in the league. It is one of the most effective in which the country utilizes the talents of its youths.